Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Peasant Produces Pocket Pair

So it went down like this tonight.

After a quiet start the tourney ended up with 28 players with extra points available for knockouts.
The tournament started conservatively for those who wanted the knock out points, waiting for their chance to pounce on those more vulnerable and willing to risk their stack. This was anyones tournament and this was an epic opportunity to increase their points for a desirable position on the leaderboard.

After a lot of pushing, shoving and knocking-out there was 5 left playing for position and 4 spots available for the money.

The Peasant, Sammy, Sung, Damien and Wong.

Finishing just outside the money was Sung who got rolled by The Peasant. This added another knockout to the 4 he already has. Not bad going for a Peasant.

Largely stacked but anything could happen with these sharks! Sharks v on.

The Peasant and Damian fold this hand which leaves Wong and Sammy. Sammy has Wong covered so all he needs now is to win the hand. All sorts of cards come out and the one that matters is a 10. Sammy wins with a pair of 10's and has stripped Wong of all his chips, 19K worth! Sammy all of a sudden goes from rags to riches and has earned himself some knockout points.

It is now a break. The players give themselves a chance to consult the poker gods, compose themselves and brace themselves for what could be the last round for the evening.

The 14th round starts and 2 seconds later there's a bust out. Sammy has gone all in and Peasant boy called. Why they ask? Because it's possible The Peasant could get a runner runner flush. The poker god listened to that Peasant because that's exactly what happened. Sammy finishes in a well deserved 3rd.

Heads up, Damien v The Peasant. The gods have listened to The Peasant thus far. Can they continue to deliver. We'll see this hand I guess.

Damien all in K 7 off and The Peasant calls 6 6 off. On the flop is A 10 4, all clubs. Damien has K clubs. Interesting. Turn is 8 spade, still a chance here for Damien, only slightly behind. What can a river produce? A 4 of diamond you say. Yip, that's Damien done and dusted which gives The Peasant his 7th knockout and the first place prize for the night. Well done Alex and Damien.

The Peasant would like to say a special thanks to Gavin from the Peasant Poker team.