Thursday, April 7, 2016

Ross' Hattrick

We had 22 people turn up for our Thursday Turbo Tournament. Many rebuys resulted in a prize pool of over $900.

Our final four consisted of Ross M, Damian L, Bryn N and Kenny P.
Kenny thought he was out much earlier when he was all-in with pocket 2s against pocket As. Having flopped a set, he got even luckier turning quads and keeping him in the game. He went all-in again with 10-9 but Ross' hand of A-7 was enough to take him out with a pair of As. Kenny left in 4th place.

Ross struck again when Bryn went all-in with K-3. Ross had 10-J. Board was 5-10-4-9-Q and the pair of 10s sent Bryn home with 3rd place.

In Heads-up, Damian goes all-in with K-9. Ross calls with A-6. A mediocre board of 10-8-4-5-2 gave Ross the pot with A-High and gave him his first win in a longtime. Congratulations Ross.