Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Kev goes flett out and wins!

Tonight's tournament produced 21 of Dunedin's finest poker players, all wanting a slice of the $2000 guaranteed prize pool. The final 4 were in the money. Karl got the bubble and the final 4 were Kev, Ryan, Chris and Greg.

The chips were being exchanged around the table for a round or 2 when all of a sudden Chris goes all in with 10 9. If he didn't go all in I'm sure Greg, who called, would have with his pocket As.
2 Q 2 was flopped. Hmm may be runner, runner 10 or 9? No, just a 6 8. All of Chris' chips went to Greg and Chris finished in 4th.

Couple of hands on Kev and Ryan battle it out. Kev is stacked but helps Ryan out when he loses a hand but then 2 hands later he gets it back again and some. Kev is now chip leader and he's up against Ryan who's all in. Ryan's A 2 against Kev's A 3. Flop is 2 K 3, turn 5, river 10. Kev knocks Ryan out who finishes 3rd.

Now a showdown between Greg and Kev. Greg goes all in after the flop Q hearts 2 hearts 3. Greg has J 3 hearts against Kev's J J hearts. Turn A hearts and river 6 hearts.

Well done to Greg finishing a respectable 2nd and congratulations to Kev for taking 1st prize, almost a year to the day after winning last year. Amazing!!