Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Pre-reg prizes and a 1st for Ketch.

Dunedin Casino Ketch $2000 Guarantee Weekly Wednesday Classic

This week, along with the $2,000 guarantee, we had 5 pre-reg sign up prizes. The prizes were for Club Casino members who had signed up at least a day in advance.  The prizes won this week were a complimentary desert from The Grand Bar and Cafe, a 2 for 1 meal voucher for the Grand Bar and Cafe, a limited edition drink bottle, a double addon in the Thursday Turbo tomorrow and an exclusive dc t-shirt.  It was a lot of fun so we're going to find find some new prizes to add to draw and try it again next week.

We had 22 Players this week to fight it out for the $1000 1st place.

Top four this week were, Ketch, Mark, Pete and Rayel.

Pete went home with Fourth place after he tangled with Rayel's JJ, Pete had two overs with AQ. Unluckily for Pete he didn't manage to hit, 7 6 4 T K.

Mark found himself short stacked and pushed all-in with A9. He was called by Ketch with KQ. Mark was looking good until the turn came a Queen for Ketch. 2 T 6 Q 5.

Heads up play was between Ketch and Rayel. Ketch managed to get a double up when he called Rayel's bluff  9.2, with his A3. This double up gave Ketch just over half chips in play. Soon after Ketch made another all-in call. Rayel saw an Ace and pushed with A7, Ketch turned over a strong AJ and the kickers played it out. 7 J 6 8 2, the stronger hand prevailed and Ketch took the pot and the First with a pair of Jacks.

Thanks for a great tournament, don't forget, next week there are more early sign up prizes to be won.