Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Alex Takes out the 6-Max.

Dunedin casino poker, weekly Wednesday, $20 rebuy 6-max

Tonight we had a solid turnout, 26 Players and a prize-pool of over $2,100, for the $20 R&A Weekly 6-max tournament.

Top four got paid, this week we had: Kirby, Alex McC, Chris R and Ryan H.

Fourth place went home with Chris R. He went out with big pocket J's. JJ vs Ryan's QT, Chris shoved into Ryan's pre-flop raise. The board flopped a Queen, leaving Chris under 10%. The turn was no use, pairing the board. Neither Jack arrived on the river. 8 Q 6 8 9.

The deck had a sense of humor and saw Ryan with pocket J's the very next hand. They continued to be unlucky and gave Alex a double up.

Kirby's chips fluctuated a lot during three way play. After a big loss, she was left with 6k chips all in against Alex, 42 against AQ. K K A 7 4 out on the table showed no remorse to the small stack. Well done on a solid third!

Heads up saw Alex and Ryan battle it out until the point where their stacks were almost identical for the final hand. Alex raised to $30k pre, Ryan pushed all in, Alex called. Ryan revealed AK and Alex showed his AT (surprisingly strong hands for 20BB in play). The flop looked good for Ryan: 5 4 Q. The turn, not so friendly, pairing Alex's T. No King on the river and Alex took out the main prize.

Thanks to everyone who came for a great night of poker!