Thursday, August 11, 2016

Mark Moves in for the Win!

Dunedin Casino Poker Tournament Winner Freezeout Champion

Tonight's Freeze Out Tournament had 20 players with a $1000 prize pool. While Mark N managed to take out the top prize, he faced some tough competition to get there.

In the running for the prizes were Corey H, Jordan G, Alex McC, and Mark N.

Unfortunately, Corey was the first to go to take fourth place in an all in against Mark. Mark had 29 and Corey also had a 9. A 2 and a 9 came in on the flop giving Mark two pair, the turn and river were no help to Corey who was unable to catch up.

Not long after this Jordan was out also, so it was Alex and Mark heads up where it was a battle to get the upper hand.

Finally after several hands of all ins and calling and with the blind levels due to go up again, we managed to find our victor. Alex holding AJ and Mark K7. The cards came out 636Q7 leaving Mark with two pair, and taking out first place!

It was a great tournament tonight, and join us again next Wednesday and Thursday for more tournaments and be in to win some awesome prizes!