Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Two in a Row for Karl!

Dunedin Casino Poker Tournament Winner

A great tournament tonight with a few new faces coming in to try their luck. The prize pool was over $2,300!

It took a long time to find out who would be making the final table with no one wanting to be the one that missed out. Cash prizes for the top four places, in the end the battle was between Jordan G, Greg D, Chris S and Karl R.

Unfortunately after the long lead up to the final table, the players fell away quickly with Chris S falling first. With a pair of three's on the board Jordan had the higher kicker. But Karl was quickly coming up the strongest.

Karl managed to pull a straight on the river to beat Greg's two pair to leave him in third place, Soon after Karl went all in with 85 against Jordan's K5. Karl lead all the way with 4385A on the board.

So Karl was able to take out the top spot two weeks in a row! Well done!

Join us tomorrow night for our $60 Freeze Out Tournament. It'll be a treat!