Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Jase with the Ace

We had a great turnout to our $20 6-Max Hold'em Tournament, with 24 people all fighting it out for their share of the money. Triple addons proved popular and it built the prize pool to a tasty $2000.

We had seven runners make it to the final table, but the top four were paid.
They were Chris K, Jason S, Lucy W and Greg S.

Lucy was low in chips and her blind and ante pushed her all-in and she decided to not look at her cards. Chris called her all-in with J-10, Jason calls with pocket 7s. Lucy's cards were 9-5. The board was Q-8-3-8-2 and Jason's 2-pair were enough to knock her out for 4th.

Jason climbed to chip leader, calling Chris' A-10(o) with A-10(d) and hit a runner runner flush.
With only a few chips left, Chris shoves all-in pre-flop with Q-10. Jason calls with K-5 and Greg calls with 2-4. Board was 10-9-7-7-K and Jason's higher 2-pair claimed his next victim.

Down to heads-up, Greg pushes all-in holding 8-9(c), Jason has A-8. With nothing on the board, Jason's Ace-high was enough to take out the tournament. Congratulations.

Join us on Thursday as we launch the $60 Freeze Out Tournament. One stack, One shot at the money. See you there.