Wednesday, August 10, 2016

An Ace Effort by Alex

We had a reasonable turnout to our $20 6-Max Tournament tonight, with 18 players all fighting for their share of the money. A nice prize pool of over $1700 made for a pretty competitive game.

We had seven people on the final table, but our three prize winners were Alex M, Brendan N and Gary T.

Gary had a few bad beats on the final table. Calling an all-in with pocket As, up against pocket Js, the board rivered a J and made a huge dent in his stack. He tried to claw his way back but his all-in with Q-9 wasn't enough to beat Brendan's K-6 with a board of 8-A-6-J-4.

After a while of back-and-forward between Alex and Brendan, it was all over when Brendan was all-in with K-5. Alex had A-Q. Board was A-8-7-J-10 and Alex's pair of Aces claimed victory.
Congratulations to our winners.

We kick it off again Thursday night with another $60 Freeze-out Tournament. Registration up until the end of the first break.