Wednesday, September 14, 2016

GT making it look easy...

Texas Hold'em Poker Weekly Tournament

The tournament this evening was a good one with 23 players and a prize pool of over $2000! Slowly though, the tournament was whittled down to the final four players. Each playing for a piece of the prize money. The lucky four were Ryan C, Ryan H, Daniel S and Gary T.

It didn't take long for the friendly rivalries to go out the door and they were playing for the money, The first to go was Ryan H. Calling GT's all in with 75 against an A5 for GT. The flop was 66K and a 4 on the turn gave Ryan and open ender. But a 10 on the river unfortunately sealed his fate, as he had the lower kicker.

Next GT took on Dan flopping a pair of Queens. Dan's pocket Jacks just couldn't catch up. Leaving Dan in third place.

After about 10 minutes of pretty low key heads up play, GT and Ryan C took each other on.GT had QJ whereas Ryan had 98. Again GT paired Queens on the flop, which dominated over Ryan C and he took out the top spot. Congratulations!

It was a great night, with lots of great poker being played. Join us tomorrow night for the long awaited Pot Limit Omaha tournament. $20 entry, with unlimited rebuys and a triple addons.

Come down and try your luck!