Wednesday, September 7, 2016

$ugar $hum, King of the Table.

texas holdem, poker, dunedin casino, weekly wednesday, 6-max, $20

In our 6-max tournament tonight, we had 20 Players and a prize-pool just shy of $1,900.

Top four came down to: Ryan, Chris S, Ben and Gary.

Ryan went home with 4th prize after losing the majority of his stack a few hands prior to Ben. Ryan was UTG on his final hand and he went all in for just under a BB. Ben limped in, but was quickly punished by Chris who raised all in, causing a fold. Ryan had picked up AK and Chris had A7. cards up, dealer dealt out 7 A 6 J 2. A solid two pair to Chris secured him the pot.

Chris found himself with the strong Ace when he called Gary's all in, AK vs A5. Once again, Chris flopped two pair; K 4 A 9 T. After the flop there were not many outs for Gary and Chris' hand held up, securing him in the final two, and the chip lead.

Heads up was between Chris and Ben. They played out for around 15 minutes before the match concluded. The chips went all in pre, Ben with K5, Chris with QJ. Chris hit his Jack on the flop, the poker gods smiled upon $ugar $hum and they held up. J 7 3 7 4.

Well done!