Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Peasant Ascends. Weekly Wednesday 6-Max

20 Players came to play the Wednesday 6-Max this week, the prizepool finished up, just over $1,600.

Top 4 this week, we had: Martin, Alex the Peasant,$ugar $hum and GT.

4th went to Gary. Blinds became valuable and he was unlucky to bump into Martin's strong hand. Gary pushed and was called by Martin, 42 vs AJ. T Q A 7 Q came out on the board.

3rd went to $ugar $hum. Chris pushed pre with A4, he was called by Alex with a big stack and QT. Ace high didn't hold up once a T came on the turn. 5 2 J T 6.

Top 2 were Martin and Alex the Peasant. Their stacks were quite similar in size, a deal was made, both players went all in blind. Alex managed to score a nice hand, 88 vs 74 in the dark.  5 A 4 came out on the flop, the Peasant scored an 8 on the turn (giving him a set, Martin the gut-shot). 3 on the river sealed the deal for Alex.

A big well done to Alex, we are sure his loyal fans at #peasantpoker will be over the moon with this result. 3 thumbs up!