Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Nick Sneaks in for the Win!

Dunedin Casino Weekly Poker Tournament Winner

Monster turnout out tonight for the tournament creating a prize pool of over $2,000!

Giving a cash prize to the top four, tonight we had Chris R, Julian B, Matt L and Nick K.

After a short while of friendly play and the blinds going up, suddenly we had a four way all in. Nick took out the main pot with a flush and Chris picked up the rest with two pair. And unfortunately left Nick and Julian behind to finish in third and fourth place respectively.

The same tactic was tried a short while later with Nick going all in pre-flop, and Chris quickly called with pocket 8s. Nick had K7 and a K on the flop sealed the deal for him, beating Chris' 8's. Well done, Nick!

It was a great tournament tonight, with a few new faces trying their luck.

Join us tomorrow for the final Thursday Tournament for a while. Pot Limit Omaha, what a treat!