Thursday, September 15, 2016

Our PLO Debut Winner

We had 13 people turn up for the long awaited Pot Limit Omaha Tournament, all fighting for their share of the $1200 prize pool. The final table was quickly formed, but lasted a while with conservative play.

We had three runners who were paid. They were Danny W, Phillip K and Matt S.
The first one to bite the dust was Danny. All-in pre-flop with 8-J-Q-5, Phillip called with A-4-Q-3. The board showed 7-A-10-4-2 so Phillips 2-pair was good enough.

The stacks were very even between Phillip and Matt. Phillip - all-in with K-4-4-J - was called by Matt who had 2-5-Q-8. The board was 3-3-Q-7-5. Matt won with 2-pair and had Phillip only just covered in chips.

Congratulations to all our winners.
We continue next week with same two tournaments. We'll see you there.