Thursday, August 31, 2017


Please be advised we are changing our limits and from now on will focus exclusively on the following:

No Limit Hold'em

Buy-in $40 - $200

Blinds $1/$2

To avoid any doubt and misunderstanding, this means that we will no longer provide Omaha, Pineapple or Manila variations to be played, regardless of player consensus.  This rule applies solely to cash games, while tournaments may vary.

We understand it is a significant change and we hope our regular players take the opportunity to embrace it and encourage their friends and collegues (who are usually put off by scary games and limits), to come in and give it a go!

For our regulars who we know will miss some of their favourite variations such as pineapple, we just wanted to offer the following reasons to clarify what we are trying to achieve.

First and foremost it is a business decision based on the evidence that certain variations and limits simply do not have enough players to sustain it, and when played at almost every opportunity, (including busy rugby weekends for example), it is cutting out walk-ins and further reducing the player pool. With a reputation of consistently being leveraged into omaha, it makes it difficult for newer players to even consider visiting.

Rather, we believe it is in everyone’s best interests for us to embrace a more casual, mainstream player, and unfortunately being able to offer a range of games and limits (which ultimately results in omaha being played) does not help us achieve this goal.

In contrast, Hold’em is the most ubiquitous poker variation in existence today, and perfectly aligns with our intentions to provide a sustainable poker game that appeals to the widest audience.

With regards to the limits, we feel the range is fair, it caters to both entry level players as well as the those with a little more time and money to spend.  100 big blinds is the standard buy-in for a game of this size.  We realise this may preclude any "high stakes" action for the time being, but these games are also not common enough to warrant losing new players.

We don't expect it to magically make our poker room full every night, but it will definitely stop turning players away and will have a much greater chance of success in the long term.