Wednesday, August 23, 2017

"You're not Short Stacked if you know what you're Doing"

30 Players started tonight, and it was action straight from the start with rebuy after rebuy.  67 Rebuys and 75 addons in total making a prize pool of  $2744 plus another 30 bounty's up for grab, all worth $25 each.  That's a grand total of $3494.

Final table saw Greg bubble with KK up against Zane with AK, an A fell on the turn giving Zane his pair and Greg out in 6th.

Down to our last 3 players we had Jason at a massive short stack on 37k, Hayden holding 140k and Zane in control with over 200k.

Not fazed by his short stack, Jason said "Your not short stacked if you know what your doing"  And right he was!

Jason doubles up with KK up against Jason's JJ.  Flop turn and river were no help for Hayden.  A few hands later Jason pushes all in with 55 and Hayden calls with AK, flop comes 7 2 7 turns a 6 and the river a 5 giving Jason a boat and another bounty.  Hayden leaving in 3rd place and taking away 4 bounties and $410.

Final 2 players do a deal and play the last hand blind with Jason's 57 up against Zane's 47.  Flop comes Q 2 6,  turns a 8 and the river a 4 giving Zane his pair however giving Jason his straight and overall winner taking away 1st prize of $1184 and 5 bounties as well.

True to his word Jason was never short stacked as he knew what he was doing.