Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Returminator Roy

We had a solid turnout this week of 31 players, the prize pool got to $1,990 with 31 x $25 bounties in the mix.

After the break, the field thinned quickly, balancing tables seemed to be like sending lambs to the slaughter.

Top 5 this week were: Julian, Chris, Hayden, John and Todd.

Julian was the short stack, he pushed for 7k, Todd followed suit, all in for 20k.  Hayden, with both players covered, called.  Julian QQ, Todd J8 and Hayden holding KQ.  Julian was looking even stronger after a flop of 6-4-5.  Then the turn came out a 2 giving everyone a gutshot!  But no, the river a K and Hayden scoops!

John managed to go under the radar on final table, holding the small stack without any bounties.  Everyone seemed to be falling around him but before he knew it he was sitting in 3rd place.  The bet made it to 36K pre from Hayden, John called and Chris folded.  Hayden pushed on a flop of 3-6-7 and John called.  98 against K9.  Open ender with a flush draw against the King overcard (no paired hole cards). 7 and 4 on the turn and river, Hayden takes the pot with a flush, securing heads-up and another bounty.

Chris and Hayden had a big exchange of power when Chris took around 70% off Hayden's stack in a previous hand.

The final hand however began with 6K/12K Blinds, Chris pushed on the SB and Hayden called.  Chris could have been testing his luck with stealing blinds... or just feeling lucky?  Chris rolls over 84 against Hayden's Q9.  A snowman, the first card out, 8-3-T the flop!  A six on the turn gave Hayden a gut shot, but a 5 on the river gave Chris the win.  Well done to Chris for impressive back to back wins and a justified 7 kills this week.

Hayden performed strongly throughout the tournament, managing to accumulate 11 bounties, kick starting himself to #1 Terminator after two weeks.