Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Terminating the Competition

24 would be terminators geared up tonight. We had a prizepool of $2,100 plus $600 of bounties in the mix.

Top four got paid out this week, we had; Hayden, Alex, Josh and Daez.

Blinds 2k/4k. Josh raises to 8.5 on the SB, Hayden pushes all in, Josh calls. Hole cards;  Josh AJ, Hayden KQ. The Queen came on the flop for Hayden. Josh got an extra chance with a guttie on the turn. King on the river scored Hayden two pair ftw.  Board: 2 Q 3 5 K.

Top 3 played out for around 30 minutes, once stacks balanced out, a deal was made (even split, with a bonus $150 for 1st). With uncertainty out of the way, the tournament promptly concluded.

Alex pushed all in with Q9. Hayden was sitting in ambush, he called with AK. Alex's chances got worse after the flop, Hayden hitting trip Kings against two nines. The turn was a blank... The river was a 2nd nine. Alex rivers a full house nines over Kings, Hayden's Kings over nines took the pot. 9 K K 4 9.

Top two both went in blind. Hayden: Hayden with A8 in Clubs vs Daez with A3 in Spades. community cards: 9 7 2 5 6. Hayden hit a straight on the river (8 high was also good).