Wednesday, August 2, 2017

He'll Be Back!

There were 23 players this week in our first Wednesday Terminator Bounty Tournament.  The prizepool got to $2,050, with $575 in knockouts available for the taking.

Dan H, Daez, Jason, Troy and Chris R were our top 5 this week.

We sat on the bubble this week for over an hour until we got to the cash. Troy got 35k all in and was called by Dan. Troy with A9 up against QT. The flop was T 3 A to pair both players.  Troy sitting pretty with top pair, but the turn came another Ten delivering Troy a raw deal.

An interesting hand quickly followed the knockout of the bubble... Daez blind bet 50k UTG, Jason calls for 40k, Chris pushes for 70k. Daez K6, Jason 77 and Chris with 88. The flop ran out: 4 K 6 (two pair for Daez). The turn brightened up Jason's day and delivered him a set of 7's. The river a Jack. Jason takes out the main pot with a set of 7's, Daez takes the side pot for 20k, and Chris gets 20k chips back.  4 K 6 7 J on the board.

Daez got the rest of his stack in against Jason, A4 vs 42. Jason flopped a pair of 2's, the turn was a blank. A four on the river hit both players hole cards, but gave Jason two pair to make that the end of Daez. J 2 7 K 4 on the board.

Chris managed to take a majority of Jason's chips before Jason and Dan got their cards face up. Dan was all in for just under the BB (blinds 8k/16k), Jason had him just covered. Dan holding 83 against K7. With Q 2 9 A Q on the board, K high was good for Jason and Dan was erased.

Chris pushed into the shorter stack with Q7, Jason called with KT. A Queen on the flop gave the last action hero the win, with the turn and river of no consequence. 4 4 Q 8 3.

Although managing to avoid termination on several occasions himself, Chris managed to come out on top, claiming just the one kill of second place!  A special mention to Jason and Dan however, who both racked up an impressive 6 kills each!!!

Thanks to everyone who turned up to try something new, we hope to see you back next week.

And don't forget our $250 bonus for the best Terminator for the month.  Here's the tally so far:

Name Kills
Daniel H. 6
Jason S. 6
Daez 3
Chris R. 2
Will S. 1
Roy W. 1
Gary T. 1